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SPRI Suggets
Fitness 120 Mat - AIREX®
  Fitness 120 Mat  -  AIREX®Weight: Approx. 5 lbs. (1.4 kg.)

A favorite in clubs, The Fitness 120 mat is ribbed on one side for gripping the floor and smooth on the ot...
The Complete Guide To Rubberized Resistance Exercises
  The Complete Guide To Rubberized Resistance ExercisesContains every exercise you will need to design a complete exercise program. Expert trainer Mark Cibrario, CSCS demonstrates how to tone every region ...
Red Xertube® - Medium Resistance
  Red Xertube® - Medium ResistanceCreate just the right amount of resistance with the ideal workout tool that you can use anywhere, anytime, in just minutes a day! All you need is a li...
Xercise Ball™ - Elite (65cm Red)
  Xercise Ball™ - Elite (65cm Red)These safe, heavy-duty, slow-deflate quality SPRI® Xercise Balls™ are durable enough to withstand diverse training applications in any club environmen...
Dual Grip Xerball® - 10lbs.
  Dual Grip Xerball® - 10lbs.Dual-handle, easy-grip medicine balls provide plenty of med ball training options. They are the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exe...

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SPRI® offers products that are at the cutting edge of today's exercise trends. Use these innovative products, along with the resistance of your own body weight for a different level of exercise.
Ab Bar™
Ab Bar™ ON SALE NOW... 50% off: While Supplies Last!

The padded, contour...

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Hanging Ab Straps - PAIR
Hanging Ab Straps - PAIR
Ideal for hanging leg raises & abdominal work, these sweat and rip-resistant nylon straps help target the abs from...

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SPRI® Push Up Bars
SPRI® Push Up Bars Minimize hand, wrist and elbow stress. The 5 1/2" high bars feature heavy gauge steel construction, foam covered hand g...

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SPRI® Pull Up Bar
SPRI® Pull Up Bar Perform upper body pull-up exercises to strengthen back and arm muscles with this heavy-duty, steel-constructed bar. St...

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SPRI Sit Up Bar
SPRI Sit Up Bar ON SALE NOW... 50% off: While Supplies Last!

The perfect compa...

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Corfit Abs Trainer™
Corfit Abs Trainer™ ON SALE NOW... 60% off: While Supplies Last!

Put the Corfit ...

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Slanted Riser® DVD
Slanted Riser® DVD Take the next step in your fitness routine with the SPRI Slanted Riser workouts! Renowned fitness professionals Kimberly...

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