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SPRI Suggets
6-BALL Xerball® Rack
  6-BALL Xerball® RackHold up to 6 medicine balls on this strudy steel rack. Measuring 72" high x 10" wide x 21" deep this rack provides a space saving solution for up to 6...
Blue Xertube® - Heavy Resistance
  Blue Xertube® - Heavy ResistanceCreate just the right amount of resistance with the ideal workout tool that you can use anywhere, anytime, in just minutes a day! All you need is a li...
Xercise Ball™ - Professional Plus (55cm Slate)
  Xercise Ball™ - Professional Plus (55cm Slate)These safe, heavy-duty, slow-deflate quality 55cm SPRI® Xercise Ball® is durable enough to withstand diverse training applications in any club environ...
Braided Xertube® - Level TWO
  Braided Xertube® - Level TWOThe Braided Xertube® takes tubing training to the next level by weaving 4 strands of SPRI's Tuff Tube™ together using our patented Braided Tubing Tech...
Kettlebell Rack - Studio
  Kettlebell Rack - StudioThis solid steel triangular shaped rack is the perfect solution to storing kettlebells for your home, personal training studio, or anywhere you want t...
5-Ball Xerball® Rack
  5-Ball Xerball® RackThe 5 Ball Rack is a solid steel rack, with a durable black finish, designed to hold a mixture of Xerballs®. Great for areas where room is limited. <...
Kettle Weight Rack
  Kettle Weight RackStore up to 16 Kettlbells or up to 10 Kettleballs.

Kettle Weight Rack keeps both kettlebells and kettleballs organized and easy to a...

 Xerball® Medicine Balls 
The SPRI Xerball® Medicine Ball is a unique and versatile total body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability and joint integrity. Color-coded and featuring a new Easy-Grip textured surface, the Xerball’s high rubber content allows for a better bounce while the ultra-thick walls provide added durability.

The Xerball is a great tool for everything from general fitness to intense sports training. Xerball is available in weights ranging from 2 - 25lbs.

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Image Item Name   SKU   Retail   Your Price  Qty
Xerball® - 2LB Xerball® - 2LB   05-58674   $30.42   $28.98
Xerball® - 4LB Xerball® - 4LB   05-58668   $38.82   $36.98
Xerball® - 6LB Xerball® - 6LB   05-58473   $50.37   $47.98
Xerball® - 8LB Xerball® - 8LB   05-58474   $60.87   $57.98
Xerball® - 10LB Xerball® - 10LB   05-58471   $72.42   $68.98
Xerball® - 12LB Xerball® - 12LB   05-58472   $85.02   $80.98
Xerball® - 15LB Xerball® - 15LB   05-58667   $92.37   $87.98
Xerball® - 18LB Xerball® - 18LB   05-58672   $100.77   $95.98
Xerball® - 20LB Xerball® - 20LB   05-59215   $108.12   $102.98
Xerball® - 25LB Xerball® - 25LB   05-59216   $113.37   $107.98
Xerball® - 30LB Xerball® - 30LB   05-59217   $119.67   $113.98

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