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Got Strength? Strength is something we seem to have in abundance when we are young, but seem to lose as we age. With exercise, like life what you get out of it is what you put in to it and the team at SPRI know that the Step 360 Pro will fill a tremendous need in training stability, balance and strength.

If working out on a balance trainer is new to you, here are four reasons the SPRI Step 360 Pro can change how you look, feel and perform. To understand how this product is so different, all you have to do is stand, sit or kneel on the flat, soft surface of the platform. This platform is connected on top of two circular air filled chambers that form a base that provides balance challenges with independent inflation capabilities. You can put more or less air in each chamber to increase the height and/or stability of the product. In addition, there are six tubing anchors surrounding the platform to provide resistance and activation options.

Reason one- Get centered: The truth about exercise is that quality will always trump quantity no matter how you look at it. Our bodies and minds are creatures of habit and we will always take the path of least resistance if given options. If one knee is unstable, then it stands to reason that we will spend more time on the other leg. When you stand or move on the Step 360, the platform moves and tilts to the direction where your weight is distributed. So, if you are more stable on your right leg, the platform will lean right and if you want to start using your left leg just bring the platform back to parallel with the floor and you are correcting the imbalance.

Reason two- Train weak links: During movement our muscular and skeletal structure acts as one connected system where every link or part is dependent on all the others. When you stand with one foot or place one hand on top of the platform when performing any exercise, all the muscles in that leg or arm are responsible for the work. You will quickly realize that specific muscles seem to be working harder on the unstable surface and therefore cannot be ignored when it comes to completing the movement. This is a good outcome in that as the weaker muscles are called upon to perform the work and can no longer “sit this one out” your body will become more efficient.

Reason three- Increase range of motion: Muscles have a specific length/tension relationship. If a muscle is put under tension, there is protective stretch reflex that reacts in the form of release to protect the muscle from harm. This release is realized in a lengthening of the contracted muscle resulting in increased range of motion. So, when movements are performed on the Step 360, there is an increase in tension against the working and lengthening muscles. After the exercise is complete and you go back to the floor, the increase in range of motion will be evident.

Reason four- Gain more strength: Take any traditional exercise on the floor and perform the same movement on the Step 360’s reactive surface and you will use more muscle activation to do the same exercise. On the platform your muscles are reacting to the unstable surface increasing the need for balance, control and efficiency. The result is more strength in less time. This is also true for faster, more power based moves where more force and speed is used. The ability to jump, leap and hop on the cushioned, absorbing platform of the Step 360 allows you to train at the intensity you want to perform at, increasing gains in strength and power.

At SPRI we believe that the quality of training affects the quality of performance. Having a tool like the Step 360 Pro allows any individual to build a foundation of balance and stability, increased range of motion and efficiency and gains in strength and power. Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, the Step 360 Pro is the answer to your health, fitness and performance goals. See the Step 360 Pro here.

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