Try cardio-resistance, and make the most out of your workout time!

Cardio-resistance fitness is an important trend in exercise, primarily because it’s a great way to get the benefits of cardio exercise and resistance, or strength-training exercises, all at the same time. So if you have a hectic schedule—and who doesn’t?—cardio resistance training is an excellent way to turn your workout time into multi tasking time!

“Cardio resistance allows you to strengthen your muscles with resistance training while you are conditioning your heart and lungs with cardiovascular exercise at the same time,” says Greg Niederlander, SPRI Director of Education. “This provides double the training benefits in half the time.”

What’s more, with cardio resistance, you don’t need to add a lot of weight. Just by picking up some small handheld weights and adding a few extra pounds to a cardio workout like walking, jogging, running, aerobics or dancing, you can greatly increase the benefits of your workout. In addition to elevating your heart rate and burning more calories, you’ll get the toning, shaping, and firming effects of weight training.

And while you’re building a better-looking physique, cardio resistance training will deliver many other awesome benefits, too. Increased bone density, increased metabolism, and better posture are just a few of the extra advantages of adding some resistance to your workout.

“Remember, you don’t have to lift a lot of weight to get the full benefit of resistance exercise,” explains Niederlander. “In fact, performing more exercise repetitions with a lighter amount of weight is easier on the joints and will eliminate the development of unwanted muscle bulk.”

So as you can see, it’s easy to add strength training to your cardio routines. Just by picking up some light hand weights before you set out on your next walk or jog, you can start giving your body a whole host of benefits from shaping and toning to improving your overall health. For an exciting new cardio-resistance product from SPRI®, just read on:

Get a grip on cardio-resistance with Mini Contour Weights by SPRI®.
Mini Contour Weights are one of the latest cardio-resistance innovations by John Abdo, world-recognized authority on life motivation, health and fitness, and inventor of the award-winning AB-Doer. Abdo developed the Mini Contour Weights for SPRI® to make cardio-resistance easier than ever.

These soft, versatile, hand-held weights conform to your hand to provide a perfect, comfortable grip. They can be used like dumbbells or secured to the wrists or ankles with comfortable straps, which helps prevent over gripping and hand fatigue.

“These weights are easy to use and deliver all the advantages of cardio-fitness safely and conveniently,” says Niederlander.

Use them on their own to tone and strengthen, or grab a pair before running, walking, stepping or taking aerobics, and kick your favorite cardio workout into high gear! No matter how you choose to use the weights, because they are soft and light weight, they can be safely dropped without worrying about damaging floors or toes.

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