Athletic training can be done almost anywhere – it’s easy to transform a cushioned, open floor or a flat-surface outdoor environment into a training field. SPRI’s athletic training workout products – such as jump ropes, speed cords, hurdles, and parachutes – are designed to be highly durable for the most intense training sessions, even extreme boot camp environments. Most are easy to set up, quick to tear down, and able to be adjusted easily to accommodate varied ability and fatigue levels.

Athletic training can come with its own set challenges but SPRI is here to help. Our fitness equipment is designed to give you the maximum benefit of your workout and fit within the workout space you have available. Transform your back yard into a training field or use our exercise equipment to make your living room your own personal athletic training ground. Our fitness and exercise equipment is perfect for gyms of any size and professional trainers looking to take their athletes to the next level. Whether you are looking to increase your agility, coordination, and conditioning with a speed rope or burning more calories and increasing your physicality with weighted ropes or even looking to increase your aerobics workout with plyoboxes, SPRI has the gear for you. Boxing and martial arts gear, training ropes, sleds, agility training items like a parachute, and body weight training gear are just some of the different categories we offer to help you become the better, faster, stronger athlete that you want to be.

Some of the beauty of athletic training is it can be as versatile as you want or need it to be. There are a lot of different ways to improve your speed, your strength, your endurance, your coordination, and your overall athletic performance. Depending on what areas you want to improve the most can change what exercise equipment is the right one for the job. SPRI offers a wide range of fitness equipment to give you the range to craft your athletic training to suit your needs.


Jump Ropes see all

Segmented Jump Rope


Heavy Rope

$48.98 - $76.98

Plyoboxes see all

The Qube™ Soft Plyobox

$499.99 - $649.98

Plyo Box


Steps see all

The Stackable STEP®

$44.98 - $53.98

The STEP® Additional Risers

Sleds see all

Comfort-Fit Harness


High/Low Performance Sled


Boxing & Martial Arts see all


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Leather Hand Grips

Training Ropes see all

Deluxe Covered Training Rope

$229.98 - $369.98

Premium Covered Training Rope

$189.98 - $329.98

Agility Training see all

SPRI® Parachute


Performance Sprint Sak


Bodyweight Training see all

SPRI® Sliders

Flowin® Physio & Pro Plates

$279.99 - $349.99

Fitness Assessment see all

220 Sport Timer Stopwatch

$22.98 $15.99

Flex Tester (Sit And Reach)

$179.98 $125.99

Water Exercise Equipment see all

Grey Hand Buoys

$23.99 - $27.99


$11.99 - $15.99
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