When you are done after a hard workout you, the last thing you want to worry about is a difficult equipment cleanup. SPRI’s equipment storage line is the solution for you. From a portable yoga mat rack to foam roller carts to accessory storage bags and bins, SPRI is here to help you stay organized. Many of our storage products like a portable mat rack and foam roller cart are mobile to make it even easier for you to get your gear where it needs to go or pick it up.

Flexibility is becoming an important part of any well rounded health routine. It is a great way to alleviate stress and to recuperate after training sessions. Flexibility and mobility equipment are designed to complement and enhance techniques currently being taught by health and fitness training professionals because it does carry that much benefit.

Our wall-mounted mat rack is a great way to make use of the wall space available to keep your workout gear organized. The portable yoga mat rack brings mat organization to a new level. If you have an extra thick sticky yoga mat, a traditional yoga mat, and then another mat for specific types of hot yoga, our convenient rack keeps them separated, aerated and can be wheeled to wherever it needs to go. If you are a larger gym, these racks give you the opportunity to easily store the mats needed for any classes you offer without damaging any of the mats.

SPRI flexibility and equipment storage wall mounts, racks, bags, and containers bring the muscle relieve foam cylinders, therapy balls, hand held rollers, and more to your home, office or gym in one convenient package. SPRI equipment storage for flexibility and mobility gear can help transform the way any area looks to have a modern, clean look to it. See the difference it can make for your gym or home exercise area today!

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