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The JumpSport® 350 Fitness Trampoline is an excellent, low-impact tool for cardio, balance, core, plyometrics and strength training exercises. The 350 Model has a 32.5" mat with fabric skirt, 30 EnduroLast™ 3 cords and 3 adjustment settings. Designed for safety and durability in commercial settings, JumpSport's patented, adjustable suspension system is club-tested to millions of stress-free bounces. Use in large or group settings, or for one-on-one personal training. Elastic cords offer smooth performance and up to 40% lower impact than traditional rebouncers. Patent-pending arched legs provide exceptional stability and allow units to be securely stacked when not in use. Assembly required. Includes 4-in-1 JumpSport DVD compilation. Also comes in a 370 Model.

Jumpsport® 350 Fitness Trampoline Features:

  • Low-impact tool for cardio, balance, plyometrics and strength training
  • 32.5" mat with fabric skirt
  • 30 EnduroLast™ 3 cords (3 adjustment settings)
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Easily stackable
  • Includes 4-in-1 JumpSport DVD compilation

Frame Diameter: 39"

Footprint: 42" with arched legs

32.5" mat with fabric skirt

30 EnduroLast™ 3 cords (3 adjustment settings)


JumpSport® Plyofit™ Adapter Kit

Turn your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™ into the world's first plyometric training system

JumpSport® 370 Fitness Trampoline

A larger trampoline mat for versatility and a greater exercise area