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Develop strength and coordination with our SPRI® Soft Medicine Ball. Its durable soft-shell construction is moisture resistant for enhanced grip, while the large size and ample padding make it easy to catch. It's great for integrated strength and endurance exercises such as toss-and-catch, throws, squats, medicine ball cleans, core work, and more. Available in weights 6, 10, 14 and 20 pounds. Sold individually. Compatible with the Oversized MedBall Rack. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide. 

SPRI® Soft Medicine Ball Features:

  • Moisture-resistant soft-shell construction
  • Great for integrated strength and endurance exercises
  • Padded for comfort and protection
  • Includes downloadable exercise guide

Soft Medicine Ball Exercise Guide


Oversized MedBall Rack

A large medicine rack that can hold up to 15 balls