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Turn sore muscles into happy muscles with SPRI® Tiger Tail™ tools. These massagers are hand-held foam rollers that help with muscle compression, muscle recovery, trigger point self-help and relieving sore muscles. This massager is different than others because of its soft, yet firm foam cover that is closed-cell, non-absorbent, and very easy to clean. They also won't pinch and pull out hair or bend and break. The 22" Tiger Tail™ is great for full-body massage and can be used with clients for back massages. The 18" Tiger Tail™ is the perfect size to self-massage legs, arms, feet, lower back and neck. The 11" Tiger Tail™ Roadster is ideal for smaller muscle tightness and knotting, with handle ends that can be used for focused trigger-point muscle compression. Available in 3 sizes. All sold separately. Includes a free downloadable instruction sheet.

The SPRI® Tiger Tail™ Features:

  • Hand-held foam massagers to relieve muscle soreness
  • Non-absorbent and easy to clean
  • Won't pinch and pull hair or bend and break
  • Available in 4 sizes, sold separately
  • The 22" Tiger Tail™ is designed for full-body massage
  • The 18" Tiger Tail™ allows for self-massaging
  • The 11" Tiger Tail™ Roadster pinpoints smaller muscle tight area
  • Downloadable instruction sheet

Soft yet firm foam cover

Closed-cell and non-absorbent

Very easy to clean

Comes in 22", 18", or 11" long

Sold individually 

Tiger Tail Instruction Sheet


SPRI® Tiger Tail® To-Go

Relieve sore muscles on the go