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Additional Information

The ViPR® bridges the gap between movement and strength training by introducing the body to task-oriented movement patterns with resistance. Loaded Movement Training patterns increase functional mobility and agility, and improve multi-directional stability, strength and power. ViPR® training also enhances balance, timing, and coordination, while increasing calorie burn during and after workouts. Available in weights ranging from 4 to 57 pounds. Sold individually.

ViPR® Features:

  • Combine movement and strength training
  • Increase mobility and agility
  • Improve multi-directional stability, strength and power
  • Enhance balance, timing and coordination
  • Intensify calorie burning
  • Available in weights from 4-57 lbs

Weights are sold in kilograms. The conversions to pounds is below.

ITEM # Kilograms Pounds
 07-71029  2 kg  4.4093 lb
 07-71030  4 kg  8.8185 lb
 07-71031  6 kg  13.2277 lb
 07-71032  8 kg  17.6371 lb
 07-71033  10 kg  22.0462 lb
 07-71034  12 kg  26.4555 lb
 07-71035  16 kg  35.2741 lb
 07-71036  20 kg  44.0925 lb
 07-71037  26 kg  57.3202 lb

Weights sold separately.