Behind the Scenes: SPRI Summer Photoshoot

September 04, 2018

Behind the Scenes: SPRI Summer Photoshoot

by: Kelsey Norten


One of the best parts of working with a brand like SPRI is the connections we get to make with local fitness professionals, coaches and more. And since we’re constantly inspired by the fitness community that surrounds us here in Louisville, Colorado, we love to seek out these locals who are making waves in the areas of health and fitness to feature in our photoshoots!

man with works out with a fitness band outside

For our Summer 2018 shoot, our local photographer helped us discover a location in Berthoud, CO that’s aesthetic was perfect for a July fitness shoot. Part religious center, community gathering place, café, coffee shop and concert venue, the bright-colored buildings and industrial design really helped make the product that we trust and love pop.

Woman swings a kettlebell outside in front of green wall

As for our local models, we called on the talents of Kylie Larson and Corey Slinkard. Kylie is a Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher who inspires people to get healthy and believe in themselves through the likes of her signature programs like "Lift to Get Lean." Corey is former Collegiate Baseball Player who played at Arizona, and a Manager and Baseball Trainer/Instructor at Catalyst Sports in Golden, CO. We chatted with them post-shoot about what it’s like being a coach, their fitness tips, what keeps them motivated and more! Check it out below:

Man & woman work out with a large resistance band in sand pit

1. What inspires you most about the fitness community?

KL: I just love seeing other people striving to reach their goals. Whether or not they reach the goal doesn't matter to me, it's the effort being put in that inspires me the most. 

CS: What inspires me the most about coaching is the excitement I get from the potential impact I can have on people. Not everyone who comes into our facility is going to be a professional baseball player, but being able to teach these players about basic body movements, focusing on long term goals, developing higher levels of concentration, and learning about hard work, etc. is a priceless gift. You never know who’s life you’re going to change, and how that change will ripple into other areas of life. 

2. What’s your favorite kind of workout?

KL: I LOVE strength training and HIIT combined. Think leg day with plyometrics included, but to be honest, I love most workouts!

CS: I generally do two styles of working out; I love to lift weights and work on developing strength, and I also enjoy doing our HIIT classes we have at our facility, Catalyst Sports. This helps me work on two different styles of training; slower, controlled heavy movements and faster explosive movements. This works great for me because I never get tired of what I’m doing and it keeps my body guessing!

3. As a coach, what’s one tip you can offer to keep people motivated?

KL: Remember that you won't always be motivated. Act first, then the motivation will come. 

CS: I am unable to give one… so I’ll give three: 

Firstly, I think it’s extremely important for people to understand that there is no such thing as instant gratification when it comes to working out or training. It does not exist. The goals you have are going to take time to reach… and you know what, that is okay! Anything worth having in life is worth working for. As my Dad says, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” 

Secondly, it will be easier for you to stay motivated if you are able to simply enjoy the process! If you are staying consistent and staying focused, then the results will come. Don’t rush the process, enjoy it!  

Lastly, you should also try to educate yourself. Be mentally engaged with your training and your goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, buy a book on nutrition and learn about food, don’t just buy a product from an infomercial about losing 15 pounds in a month because they said it works. What you should try to do is create a lifestyle change for yourself. This is going to take time, and the more knowledgeable you are, the greater the chances you are of staying motivated. Now you have your body and mind working in harmony together. 

4. How do you recover in-between workouts?

KL: I love practicing yoga to balance out my workouts. I generally try to get as much yoga in per week as possible. On my full recovery days I also like to incorporate walking. 

CS: I think my body naturally recovers pretty well, I don’t usually need more than one or two days off a week. I’m also very active with my job giving baseball instruction, so I think the constant movement I have everyday helps as well.

5. What’s your favorite SPRI product that you’ve used?

KL: Hands down the resistance bands. They are so versatile, easy to travel with and you're guaranteed a great workout!

CS: I really like using the Superband to do drop set pull ups, they are fun because they are kind of bouncy! You can also use them for doing resistance knee tucks for lower abs which is a favorite of mine as well.





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