Put the Squeeze on Your Workout!

March 06, 2017

Put the Squeeze on Your Workout!

Author: Katy Santiago - Biomechanist and Developer of Pelvic Fitness

Most people are aware of the changes their body goes through when following a well-rounded fitness exercise program. Your muscle tone increases, your body fat decreases, and you fit comfortably into your clothes.

But there's a different type of exercise program now on the scene. These "wellness"-based exercise programs focus not only on changing how you look, but also on improving how your body feels and works. These types of programs are made up of movements you do on a daily basis, and can help develop the skills to keep you pain and injury-free.

For example, one of the main stabilizing muscle groups of your body is the pelvic floor. Although you are unlikely to find any machines targeting this specific muscle group on the "circuit" at your local gym, fortunately, it is VERY easy to add this functional exercise into you program. All you need to do is add a few simple movements into your routine.

Here's one to try: when doing your core strength or abdominal exercises, place a light, flexible ball between your knees. When you contract your abdominals, gently squeeze the ball at the same time. This movement not only deepens the abdominal work, but also recruits the muscle fibers of the pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor exercises deliver a whole host of benefits for your body, including:

  • Increasing your core strength
  • Helping stabilize your lower back
  • Preventing stress incontinence
  • Increasing the tone of the lower abdominals

Pelic floor exercises are also an important first step to strengthening the pelvic floor following hysterectomies, cesareans and delivery!

Talk about taking your health into your own hands! For another great from SPRI®, just read on.

Soft, light and scented, the Sponge Ball is an inflated eight-inch ball that adds energy and excitement to mat-based exercise routines. It can enhance body awareness and movement execution, allowing you to get more out of every exercise repetition. And when squeezed, it will help engage the deep core muscles.

"The Sponge Ball provides light, flexible resistance for pelvic floor exercises and can be easily toted to the gym, your favorite yoga or Pilates class, or used right in your own home," says Katy Santiago, Biomechanist and Developer of Pelvic Fitness.

To learn more, click here to see the SPRI® Sponge Ball.

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