Why Braided Tubing Rocks

March 06, 2017

Why Braided Tubing Rocks

by: Chris Freytag


Sometimes the simplest tools are the best for your health. Resistance bands are just that – lightweight, affordable and portable while being very effective. And the next generation in resistance bands, the Braided Tubes, will blow you away. They take tubing training up a notch by offering all of the benefits of rubberized resistance but they take it to the next level.

What is Braided Tubing?

Weaving four strands of tube together using a patented Braided Tubing Technology makes this rope-like product safe and extremely strong. Like traditional tubes, they come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level but the braid gives you added durability and holds up in the most rigorous training applications.

What are the benefits of the Braided Technology?

Portability: Let’s just state the obvious; resistance tubes are perfect for the home, office, and suitcase. But the braided tubing gives you even more options like outdoor environments. Try wrapping it around poles, trees and using it on cement.

Affordability: Braided tubing is going to be more affordable than a few sets of dumbbells and much easier to store not to mention, braided technology enhances the tubing lifespan and integrity.

Versatility: When lifting weights, gravity plays a big part. You get more resistance when lifting against gravity, but then gravity makes lowering the weight easier. However, when using tubing, you do not fight gravity. Instead, you are fighting the tension in the bands, but can move freely in any direction. With gravity, the only way is down. The ability to move freely when using tubing allows you to mimic and recreate everyday movements. One of the main benefits is increasing and strengthening our natural movement patterns in daily activities such as a golf swing, throwing a football, lifting something up high, or even opening a door. Now consider the braided tubing and the resistance is just that much more than a regular band coming in five different levels of resistance, which is going to really pump up your results.

Braided tubing is also great for eccentric load training and easier to control than dumbbells. Try slowing the eccentric (muscle lengthening) portion of the movement way down to see strength gains. The lengthening motion of an exercise triggers hypertrophy and therefore, the braided tubing is going to be a great choice when it comes to this type of training. You’ll notice the braided tubing will challenge the strongest of athletes.

In addition, consider alternating tempo (speed) training. It’s near impossible and not safe to pulse heavy weights. But with the braided tubing you can improve power with varying your tempo. Even with the strongest purple braided tube, you can pulse through a smaller range of movement and burn it up while working your muscle endurance.

Add in partner training. Working in tandem inspires camaraderie, accountability and motivation. Try hooking the bands together and doing partner-rowing exercises, rotational moves or speed training.

Bottom line, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise without the need for heavy weights and improve your performance and power.

What products are available using the Braided Tubing Technology:

Braided Xertube: These bands take tubing training to the next level. Great for all of your higher demand tubing exercises that regular tubing just can't keep up with.

Braided Xertube Plus: Like the Braided Xertube but with an extra 16 inches of tubing length for maximum training versatility. The longer design makes it easy to wrapped around, under or over any stable surface allowing you to perform any and all types of dynamic resistance movements.

Braided Xertube Trainer: Two 36" strands of braided tubing are independently connected to a durable nylon loop that can be attached to any sturdy object, help by a training partner, or in a secure door. The Braided Xertube Trainer has comfortable foam handles and the braided tube makes it great for heavy-duty exercises. Better than a Dual Action Pulley system, turn your hotel room door, office door, or bedroom door into a home gym.

Braided Lateral Resistor: The larger padded cuffs make the Lateral Resistor comfortable and the braided tube makes it intense. Velcro it to your ankles-it’s a great product to use with drills for the development of dynamic lower body quickness and reaction.

Braided TD Speed Cord: This is specifically designed to develop running strength and sprint speed. The padded sleeve is comfortable on the waist and the foam covered handles are easy to hold onto. Grab a partner and work on developing first step quickness, acceleration phase leg drive and top end speed.

Our goal at SPRI is to help you get better everyday. We want to deliver products that challenge your ability and hold up to your expectations. We want to inspire the athlete in us all. The Braided Tubing Technology has been a favorite among our athletes for the past three years and continues to uphold its integrity and reputation as a great strength-training tool.

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