Stretch Wedge


The Stretch Wedge is specifically designed to be gripped in one hand and features unique contours to allow for a deep and effective stretch. Adds balance and stability for your hands or feet, without the risk of tipping or slipping, to make yoga poses and stretches possible. The wedge also features a patent-pending non-slip base to ensure a safe workout or stretch on any surface. Also available in a Workout Wedge shape that is wider, taller and thicker for more focused exercise. Solid in pairs.

  • Contoured foam wedge for stretching or yoga
  • Soft and lightweight for indoor or outdoor use
  • Improves stability for deeper stretching
  • Enhances balance and movement
  • Patent pending non-slip grip base

Measurements: 13"L x 4.75"W x 2.95"H.

Care Instructions: Clean using a sanitizing wipe after each use.


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