Lebert Equalizer Bars XL


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These XL Lebert Equalizer Bars are simple, yet portable, giving you endless exercise options to strengthen your core, build lean muscle, and burn fat. This extra-large model is 3" taller than standard equalizer bars and will allow you to get fuller extensions and deeper stretches, while also performing dips, pushups, L-sits, and much more. Each bar is lightweight, easy to assemble, and stores stacked out of the way. The bars are stainless steel and feature durable solid foam grips and stability. Includes 2 black XL bars, a hip resistance band, and an exercise guide to get you started. Ideal for heights 6'1" and up. 

  • XL size will get you deeper into stretches and extend further
  • Strengthen your core, build lean muscle, and burn fat
  • Ideal for dips, pushups, L-sits, and much more
  • Portable and lightweight

Measurements: 31"H x 25"W

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds.

Ideal for heights 6'1" and up.


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