Airex® Balance Beam


The Airex® Balance Beam utilizes the soft closed-cell foam of the Balance Pad and extends it to create a new balance training product. The Balance Beam provides a base for walking toe-to-toe and for improving lower and upper-body stabilization and coordination. 

Airex® Balance Beam Features:

  • A new type of balance training 
  • Walk toe-to-toe along the beam
  • Improve lower and upper-body stabilization

Dimensions: Approximately 63"L x 9.4"W x 2.4"H (6cm thick)

Care instructions: Spot treat with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Air dry. Do not use solvents, stain remover, hot steam or water. 

Best stored flat. To avoid pressure, do not store any objects on top of them. Avoid storing in direct sunlight for long periods of time for the mat will become brittle and stiff over time.

Airex® Balance Beam Exercise Guide


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