Exercise Mats

When doing a lot of floor work, like stretching or yoga, you want a workout mat that will provide you the comfort your joints need while doing your exercises. SPRI has a number of exercise mats varying in thickness and features to accommodate your specific needs. Hanging mats, bi-fold and tri-fold mats, and your standard roll-up fitness mat can all be found here.

We even have a mat with a contoured shape designed to support the lower back during ab exercises, called the Ab Mat. Made of high-quality memory foam and a durable vinyl, non-skid base, the ab mat is lightweight, portable, and easy to store.

SPRI offers a 3/8” thick and 5/8” thick hanging mat that come in either 56” or 71” lengths. The Hanging Mats are dense and made up of a closed-cell foam that is both lightweight and resilient. Designed for low-impact exercises, these mats maintain their shape and have durable, reinforced plastic grommets, from which to hang, that won’t harm floors, rust, or bend.

SPRI Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold exercise mats are made with a triple layer of high-density foam for long-lasting durability. These mats are lightweight, 2” thick, and come in 60” and 72” inch lengths. Both mats were designed with ease of travel and storage in mind.

In addition to SPRI mats, we offer a number of Airex fitness mats. These high-quality, non-slip, well-cushioned mats stay flat on the floor and roll up easily. The Airex Coronella 2000 Series was designed for taller athletes and is 7” longer than the Airex Coronella Mat, coming in at just about 79” in length. Both mats can be used for a variety of exercises, to include, Pilates work, yoga poses, aerobics, stretching, hydrotherapy and water rehabilitation.

With over a dozen different styles of exercise mats in stock, SPRI has the right size mat to accommodate your activity level, comfort, and needs.