Airex® Fitline 140 Mat



The Airex® Fitline 140 Mat is a classic entry-level model for training at home. It is space-saving, yet provides enough room for the head and torso. Fitness studios offering group fitness courses with large attendance also like to equip themselves with the Fitline 140 Mat. It is extremely lightweight, very handy and finds space in any sports bag.

Airex® Fitline 140 Mat Features:

  • Very lightweight and handy
  • Space-saving
  • Use at home or in the gym
  • Ideal fitness studios with limited space

Dimensions: Approximately 55.1"L x 23.6"W; 0.4" thick

Weight: Approximately 2.6 lbs.

Care Instructions: Clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water or with standard household detergent. Air dry. Benzine and other standard stain removers should not be used. Store rolled up, stacked or on a mat rack in dry areas.


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