Airex® Coronella Mat


The Airex® Coronella Mat is versatile and personal-sized, allowing you to use it for exercise, Pilates work, yoga poses, aerobics, stretching, hydrotherapy, and water rehabilitation. These non-slip, well-cushioned mats stay flat on the floor when in use, then roll up easily when the workout is over. Choose from three colors; blue, red or green. Sold individually.

Airex® Coronella Mat Features:

  • Versatile and personal-sized
  • Use for a variety of exercises
  • Non-slip and well-cushioned
  • Stays flat on the floor
  • Rolls up easily
  • Comes in blue, red or green

Dimensions: Approximately 72.8"L x 23.6"W; 0.6" thick

Weight: Approximately 4.9 lbs.

Care Instructions: Clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water or with standard household detergent. Air dry. Benzine and other standard stain removers should not be used. Store rolled up, stacked or on a mat rack in dry areas.


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