The Original Xertube Pack of 3


Build total body strength and flexibility with this 3 pack of the best-selling Original Xertube. Includes a Light, Medium and Heavy resistance tube, for progressive strength building and a variety of exercises. The handles are comfortable and secure to grip while the durable tube won't break, even after hundreds of uses. Resistance tubes are versatile, replacing other workout equipment without sacrificing a good workout. Instead of dumbbells, you can use a resistance tube for bicep curls, arm raises, and even rows or you can use it instead of a kettlebell for weighted squats, overhead press, and more. This portable, and affordable, tool will be your new go to for any workout. 

  • Heavy-duty, high quality tubing resists tears and abrasions
  • Versatile tool that can replace other expensive equipment 
  • Ideal for total body conditioning
  • Includes a light, medium, and heavy tube
  • Downloadable exercise guide

Resistance Levels: Green is Light (20lbs +/-), Red is Medium (30lbs +/-), and Blue is Heavy (40lbs +/-).

The Original Xertube Exercise Guide


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