Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are fast becoming an effective exercise tool used for everything from balance, stability, and stretching to optimum muscle recovery and muscle tension release. And, SPRI has a variety of these foam cylinders that offer everything from gentle relief through basic stretching to more aggressive relief through pinpoint deep tissue massage.

SPRI’s Half Round Foam Rollers are perfect for developing core stability, lower body balance and stability, and assisting in stretching and gentle massage. These come in four different sizes to accommodate muscle specific targeting needs and general use. Each size also come in full round foam roller allowing you an invigorating stretch that increases blood circulation and relieves tension.

SPRI also offers the EVA Half Foam Roller. This durable heat-sealed EVA blue foam is non-porous, preventing moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface, and is built to return to its original shape after extended use. It aids in improving balance, flexibility, and strength. As well, the EVA foam roller comes in a full round shape. These robust blue foam rollers come in two sizes.

For deep tissue work, we have a couple of foam rollers that fit the bill. The Deep Tissue Roller has a durable molded plastic core to maintain its shape, and is covered by a thick rubber-foam smooth and rounded deep-dimpled surface that speeds circulation and loosens tight, knotted muscles. The Myo Trax Roller is also designed to sooth deep muscle tissue. Its firm and flexible massage thread pattern works to stimulate blood flow and release bound muscle tissue. These restorative tools are perfect for stubborn knots and muscle tightness.

Our Sports Performance Roller is a versatile tool that can be used for gentle stretching and aggressive pinpoint massage. It’s ideal for single arm, single leg, and lower back use and intended for use both before and after workouts. Before, to stimulate, warm-up, and prepare the muscles for use. And, after, to reduce soreness, stretch muscles, and restore proper muscle tension.

SPRI has foam rollers for everyone. From the novice to the pro, these tools are essential to muscle recovery which, in turn, leads to more effective workouts, resulting in increased muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance.