Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are used for more than just fun these days, they are a useful tool in anyone’s workout regimen. Whether you are looking for more specialized jump ropes like a speed rope or weighted exercise rope to more familiar adjustable jump ropes, SPRI has you covered.

Jump rope exercises are a great way to trim fat by burning off calories and can boost your dexterity and athleticism. When you jump rope you are working out your legs, calves, thighs, shoulders, arms, hamstrings, buttocks, and abdominal muscles. The improved coordination, agility, footwork, and endurance that you get from these exercises can be a great one-stop solution for a workout on a time constraint or a great addition to your full workout routine.

There are some key differences between weighted exercise ropes and speed ropes. A speed rope focuses on quickness and is better utilized developing coordination and conditioning. This is accomplished by slowly increasing the speed of the rope over time so that your body becomes more accustomed to the faster speed and has the rhythm and coordination needed to react to its faster pace. A weighted excise rope has less of a focus your agility and is instead used to increase strength and promote weight loss by burning a significant number of calories.

SPRI offers a wide range of jump ropes so that you have the right tool when you need it from a those of you that are just beginning to professionals and those that are looking to take their workouts to the next level. Browse our full selection below or speak with our helpful staff if you have any questions.