Premium Adjustable Speed Jump Rope


Boost cardio, agility, and endurance with this high-performance vinyl rope that maintains its shape and adjusts to fit any height. Easy-grip handles prevent slippage and add comfort. Compact design allows for easy portability.

Premium Adjustable Speed Jump Rope Features:

  • High performance coated steel cable
  • Ergonomic handles for comfort and control
  • Rope easily adjusts up to 10 feet long to fit any height
  • Builds endurance, coordination, quickness, and agility

Material: Rope: PVC coated steel, Handle: PVC covered with poly-rubber grip tape

Feel: Spin: Extremely fast, Rope Weight: Very light, Handle Length: 5", Handle Texture: Hard, Handle Shape: Straight with thumb groove

Product Use: Quickest and most reliable rope for performing Double Unders and most advanced rope moves

Adjustable: 9.5' Rope with a Phillips screw adjustment


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