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Kettlebells, also sometimes known as kettlebells, are an excellent alternative to traditional dumbbells and barbells, particularly if you have a home gym with limited space or don’t have much money to spend on strength training equipment. With just a single SPRI kettlebell, you can work your arms, chest, core, legs, and more – and build your strength, endurance, and aerobics all at the same time.

The Basics & Benefits Of Kettlebells/Kettleballs

Kettlebells certainly don’t look like a modern workout tool – they look more like a giant cannonball with a handle, and they trace their history back to the round weights used by Romans and Greeks millennia ago.

But don’t let their humble appearance fool you. Kettlebells are a fantastic way to target many different muscle groups in your body at once. Kettlebells can be used for just about any weighted exercise, from squats to deadlifts, bicep curls, shoulder presses, rows, high pulls and more.

They also allow you to do some unique exercises that you can’t do with any other weight – like the ever-popular “kettlebell swing,” a test of both your strength and endurance, or the extremely challenging “Turkish Get-Up,” where you have to get up from the floor to a standing position while holding a kettlebell over your head the entire time!

At SPRI, we offer color-coded, modern kettlebells and kettleballs ranging from 5 to 50 lbs, with a rubber coating to help protect your floors. We recommend novice users purchase a set of SPRI kettlebells and begin with the lowest weight available – moving up in weight as they progress and become more familiar with this workout tool.

Not only that, but kettlebells and kettleballs take up almost no room in your workout space and provide you with tons of freedom – especially compared to bulky, expensive barbells and dumbbells. So shop now, and add SPRI kettlebells to your home gym today.