Ninja 360 Grips: Weight Suspension Straps


Ninja 360 Grips are a weight training apparatus that activates more muscle fibers when you workout. Through the principles of Instability Resistance Training (IRT), N3G weight suspension effect calls more muscle fibers into each exercise. Thus, making you work harder to not only lift the weight, but to stabilize it as well. Ideal for pull-ups with a softer, flexible, more functional grip, compared to stiff, hard, rigid bars.

  • Recruits more muscles per exercise compared to traditional free-weight training.
  • The best hand-held balance and instability trainer on the market.
  • Acts as an axis of rotation for smooth lifting mechanics
  • Offers over 18 pull-up variations
  • Has 5 modes of application
  • Can easily be folded and transported for travel

Materials: The handles are made of ABS plastic and is overlaid with a soft, TPR rubber grip. The webbing is made of strong, polypropylene materials that embeds a steel plate at it's base to level and stabilize the weight. 

Measurements: Each Ninja 360 Grip is 20.5" long when folded in half and laid flat and weighs .29 lbs.

Care Instructions: Keep Ninja 360 grips stored in a dry place. Wipe with a damped cloth if needed and wait till dry before use. Inspect NINJA 360 Grips before each use. Look for any nicks, tears, punctures or other defects that may cause NINJA 360 GRIPS to  break. DO NOT use NINJA 360 GRIPS if damage or defects are found. Discard if defects are found.


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