Resistance Weights 

Resistance training is a must have in any workout out plan. Whether you use your own body weight and gravity, barbells, exercise machines, or muscle specific resistance weights, like ankle weights, any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance has value. Not only can you increase strength, tone, mass, and/or muscular endurance, you reap benefits long after the workout – your body will continue to burn calories as it rebuilds muscles after a solid resistance training session.

One way to get your daily dose of resistance training in is through the use of ankle weights and wrist weights. Great for isolating small muscle groups or as an added accessory making an existing routine that much more challenging, our ankle and wrist weights come in pairs, either a 5-pound set (two 2.5 lbs. weights) or 10-pound set (two 5 lbs. weights).

In the same vein, we also offer an adjustable weighted vest. This sweat resistant vest has 10 two-pound sand bags that secure to the vest giving it a 2 to 20-pound weight range. Great for adding a little extra to that workout, it has adjustable straps that secures the vest to the body allowing you to jump and run unimpeded while wearing it.

For some serious strength training, we offer the VIPR. This weighted beast combines movement and strength training by introducing the body to task-oriented movement patterns with resistance. Like a pole with built in grips, the VIPR comes in 9 different weight sizes ranging from 4 to 57 pounds. Perfect for improving multi-directional stability, strength, and power, this tool will increase caloric burn rates during and after workouts.

Step up your resistance training by adding wearable resistance weights, such as ankle weights, to your workout or try the VIPR for a full body challenge and keep your body burning calories long after your done sweating. Each set of comes with a downloadable exercise guide that get you started off on the right foot.