Hanging Mats (5/8")


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Stay in shape in the comfort of your home or at the gym with durable Hanging Mats (5/8”). These mats are 6 millimeters thicker than other hanging mats, providing more support for your joints. These dense, high-quality foam mats are light yet resilient. They are made from closed-cell foam which provides optimum cushion and support for your joints. They are perfect for any floor exercise including, low-impact exercise, core training, and stretching. Reinforced plastic grommets won't harm floors, rust, bend or deform when stepped on. When not in use these mats can easily hang on a rack to allow for easy storage. They maintain their shape and stay flat on the floor whether you hang, stack or roll them after use. These lightweight mats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Available in two lengths. SPRI Hanging Mats sold individually. Store on the Wall-Mounted Mat Rack.

Hanging Mats (5/8") Features:

  • Dense and high-quality
  • Closed-cell foam that is light yet resilient
  • Designed for low-impact exercises
  • Maintains it shape
  • Durable plastic grommets
  • Available in 56" or 71" of length

Measurements: 56"L x 23"W, 5/8" thick (15.8 millimeters)

Measurements: 71"L x 23"W; 5/8" thick (15.8 millimeters)


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