The ViPR® bridges the gap between movement and strength training by introducing the body to task-oriented movement patterns with resistance. With ViPR weights the loaded movement training patterns increase functional mobility and agility, and improve multi-directional stability, strength and power. ViPR® training also enhances balance, timing, and coordination, while increasing calorie burn during and after workouts. Available in weights 17 and 57 pounds. All SPRI ViPR gym equipment are sold individually.

ViPR® Features:

  • Combine movement and strength training
  • Increase mobility and agility
  • Improve multi-directional stability, strength and power
  • Enhance balance, timing and coordination
  • Intensify calorie burning
  • Available in weights from 17 and 57 lbs

Weights are sold in kilograms. The conversions to pounds is below.

ITEM # Kilograms Pounds Measurements
 07-71032  8 kg  17.6371 lb  42"L x 5.5"W x 5.5"H
 07-71037  26 kg  57.3202 lb  42"L

Weights sold separately.

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