Strength Training Equipment and Exercises

Strength training is an excellent way to build lean mass, increase bone density, boost your metabolism, enhance cardiovascular health, and enjoy a generally healthier lifestyle, but it’s important to learn about how to properly perform exercises and utilize the right strength training equipment in order to avoid injury.

Not only will approaching strength training from an educated standpoint ensure safety, using the best possible equipment will also guarantee you see the best possible results from every workout.

What Types of Strength Training Equipment Should I Use?

Whether you’re new to the world of strength training or you’re a veteran fitness enthusiast looking to take your exercise program to the next level, there are a few items that you’ll certainly want to incorporate into your routines.

  • Dumbbells: these are an incredibly versatile staple of the strength training world; they can be used to strengthen muscles from your chest and back to your quads and biceps because they allow a full range of motion. Whether you want to complete chest presses, bicep curls, or goblet squats, dumbbells are the utility player to help make it happen.
  • Kettlebells: the shape of a kettlebell causes their weight to shift as you move, in turn your body must work harder to maintain stability which strengthens your core to a greater degree. Kettlebell swings, thrusters, and single-leg deadlifts are some of the most popular exercises with this piece of equipment due to their unique difficulty.
  • Medicine Balls: with their unusual heft, medicine balls add a great deal of resistance during any workout, but they are especially useful for building explosive strength. This is why medicine ball “slams” are so frequently prescribed as part of strength training routines.
  • Parallettes: though not heavy themselves, parallettes allow you to lift yourself off the ground and complete bodyweight exercises with a greater range of motion. For example, dips are an upper body exercise requiring great strength and control which can be completed with parallettes.
  • Stoops Predator Training Sleds: these allow you to push, pull, and drag with a customizable amount of weight, building practical muscle mass, and increasing your speed under trying conditions.

There are many other pieces of strength training equipment you can explore, but these essentials will allow you to develop a strong foundation for your program.

Strength Training Exercises

If you prefer to build your lineup of equipment around your exercise routine, then browse our downloadable guides to find exercises that resonate with your goals. After that, shop our collection of strength training equipment and begin enjoying the benefits of your new routine!