Airex® Calyana Prime Yoga Mat


The Airex® Calyana Prime Yoga Mat is the ideal everyday mat with its thick comfortable cushioning and permanent optimum grip that will keep you stable, no matter the pose. This mat is lightweight yet durable and has a longer and wider size than most standard mats, making it ideal for yoga, fitness, Pilates, and stretching. 

  • A thick, lightweight, and comfortable mat
  • Permanent optimum grip to keep you stable
  • Durable and extra long and wide
  • Ideal use for yoga or fitness

Measurements: 72.83"L x 25.98"W and 0.45cm thick.

Care Tips: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and warm water before and after use. Do not leave objects laying on the mat for a long period of time to avoid pressure marks. Roll up the mat or store it flat to keep it in the best shape. 


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