10-minute agility CIRCUIT WITH KORI POWER

*Before beginning this or any other exercise program, you should always consult with your doctor or physician.

Trainer: Kori Power

30 seconds on, 30 second rest

In/out jump squats
1. start at one end of the ladder facing toward the ladder.
2. come into a jump squat with your feet outside the ladder, sitting bad into your heels and legs at a 90 degree angle.
3. jump back up with feet together moving forward into the next box of ladder.

1.start in a standing position on one side of the ladder with your knees slightly bent.
2. lift your bent right leg up and quickly hop to the right, while lifting your bent left knee up to hip height and move toward the other side of the ladder.
3. hop to the left, lifting your right knee to hip height back to the other side of the ladder.
4. repeat while moving forward

Scissor in/outs
1. start on one side of the ladder with the length of the ladder out to your side.
2. shuffle your feet in and out of the ladder one foot at a time.
3. keep moving laterally toward the end of the ladder.
4. once at the end, shuffle back towards the other end.