travel trainr 4-in-1 home gym exercises
with some of our favorite trainers

full body workout

Use the Push-Up Platform:
10 push ups

Use the Ab Roller:
Roll forwards and back to work your core, x10

Use the Resistance Cord:
10 side arm raises
10 front arm raises

Use the Jump Rope:
60 seconds

total body At Home Workout

Resistance Cord Bicep Curls x10
Resistance Cord Half Up Bicep Curls x10
More Resistance Cord Bicep Curls x10 (or as many as you can)

Jump Squats x25
Jump Squats, touch the floor x15
Jump Rope x45 Seconds

Push Ups x25

Jab, Jab, Cross x10 each
Jump Lunge x20
Burpees x5 or as many as you can

Dive Bombers x10
Plank x30 seconds
Mountain Climbers x20

advanced ab & core workout

Warm up: Sprints x5

Ab Roller:
Front ab rolls for 20 reps, x3 sets

Jump Rope:
10 minutes

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The Story of the Travel Trainr

“Always traveling for work, I found it near impossible to stay fit while on the road. Hotel gyms are a hit or miss. So I created the Travel Trainr. A 4-in-1 workout tool that burns fat, tones and builds muscle - anywhere It is compact, lightweight and TSA friendly, making it the perfect travel gym.”

- Matt P., creator of the Travel Trainr

Push Up Platforms

You can easily convert the Travel Trainr into push up platforms by snapping in the foam handles on to the top of each side, then start your arm & core workout.

Jump Rope

Get your cardio on by connecting the
handles to the lightweight yet durable jump rope cord that is built for speed.

Ab Wheel

Snap in the ergonomic foam grip handles and roll it out with this dual wheel ab roller that will work nearly 20 different muscle groups to build strength and burn fat.

Resistance Cord

Add resistance training to your workout by quickly attaching the
cord to each side of the ergonomic handles for a heavy resistance tube ready to work.


The Travel Trainr is designed to be taken with you anywhere, easily storing all four tools into one bag. The red ergonomic handles snap to the outside of each platform, while the jump rope and resistance tube coil inside, secured by a third rod that is used for the ab wheel. Each platform then clicks together and everything can be slipped into a drawstring storage bag for easy portability.