Interchangeable Tubing System


  • Perform the same exercises you would normally do with pulley-type machines with this simple Interchangeable Tubing System. Attach the easy open-close metal clip on the tubing to other interchangeable accessories, such as the ankle strap, thigh strap, dual-hand straps and the easy grip foam handle for a multitude of resistance training exercises. It is a smaller, portable version of a cable pulley machine! Includes a sturdy door attachment, allowing for workouts at home, office or on the go. The tubing is 2' in length and available in color-coded resistances ranging from very light to heavy. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

    Interchangeable Tubing System Features:

    • A smaller, more portable version of a cable pulley machine
    • Attaches to other interchangeable accessories for a multitude of workouts
    • Easy open-close metal clip
    • Includes a sturdy door attachment
    • 2' in length
    • Available in 4 color-coded resistances
    • Downloadable exercise guide
  • Easy open-close metal clip to attach to other interchangeable accessories

    Includes a sturdy nylon door attachment

    2' in length

    Available in 4 color-coded resistances:

    Resistance Level Color
     Very Light  1  Yellow
     Light  2  Green
     Medium  3   Red
     Heavy  4  Blue


    Sold individually 

  • Interchangeable Tubing System Exercise Guide

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