The Step360® Strength V.I.I.T. DVD


  • Train the building blocks of strength and performance with this Variable Intensity Interval Training program (V.I.I.T.) Progressive phases of exercises and increasing demands of intensity move from foundation to performance. Metabolic conditioning cycles incorporate an effective “3-2-1” format of energy system overload. Learn how high-intensity intervals using 3 planes of motion, 6 phases of conditioning and 0 rest performed using the Step360® Pro balance trainer provide an integrated strength training challenge. This workout develops stabilization and integration of total-body muscular strength/endurance while increasing energy output and burning calories. Bonus section includes 30 unique Step360® moves ranging in intensity and difficulty from foundation to performance. 

  • Featuring: Robert Sherman with Abbie Appel & Patrick Goudeau

    Approximate running time: 55 min.

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