SPRI® Slam Balls


  • The SPRI® Slam Balls are designed for the most demanding, intense med ball slamming activities. Uniquely durable, evenly weighted, one-piece roto-molded medicine ball that you can bounce and slam on rubber, concrete, hardwood, artificial turf and cinder block surfaces and still get consistent rebound responsiveness. The basketball-style grooves and tacky surface texture ensure a firm grip, even when wet. The ball can also float for water-based training. Sold in color-coded weights ranging from 6 to 22 pounds. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

    SPRI® Slam Balls Features:

    • Designed for the most demanding med ball slamming
    • Durable and evenly weighted
    • One-piece roto-molded medicine ball
    • Consistent rebound responsiveness
    • Basketball-style grooves and tacky surface texture
    • Firm grip when wet
    • Ball can float
    • Color-coded weight levels
    • Available in 6-22 lb weights
    • Downloadable exercise guide
  • Material: Unique single-layer polymer composition

    Feel: Firm skin-like texture for secure tactile performance

    Product Use: Specifically designed for the most extreme, high-velocity ball-slamming activities

    Responsiveness: Controlled bounce

  • Slam Ball Exercise Guide


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