Slanted Riser™


  • SPRI's patented Slanted Risers™ are lightweight, extremely portable and ready to help take your workout to the next step. Perfect for personal training sessions, group classes or solo work, the Slanted Riser™ can create an incline/decline bench for assistive/resistive body-weight training, and then quickly change into an angled step, allowing you to move from cardio to strength training and back easily. Available in a set of 2 risers. Includes instructional DVD. Compatible with The STEP® platform.

    Slanted Riser™ Features:

    • Lightweight and extremely portable
    • Take your workout to the next step
    • Personal training, group classes or solo work
    • Use as an incline/decline bench for body-weight training
    • Change to an angled step for cardio and strength training
    • Available in a set of 2
    • Compatible with The STEP®
    • Includes an instructional DVD

    *Please note that all Step products are exempt from all promotions. 

  • Slanted Riser Exercise Guide

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