SPRI® 16" Xercise Band™


  • Get variety in you workout with these larger SPRI® 16" Xercise Bands, designed to bring resistance to any exercise routine. Available in 2 widths, each band gives more and more resistance as you move up each level. The 16" bands are our biggest Xercise Band, helping strengthen and tone muscles with the power of resistance for your entire body. Available in 2 color-coded resistances, average and above average. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

    SPRI® 16" Xercise Band Features:

    • Customize your total-body workout exercises
    • Available in 2 widths
    • 16" long band
    • Available in 2 color-coded resistances
    • Downloadable exercise guide
  • 16" long band

    Available in 2 color-coded resistances:

    Resistance Level Size Color
     Light  Average  16" x 1/2"  Green
     Medium  Above Average  16" x 3/4"  Red

    Sold individually 

  • 16" Xercise Band Exercise Guide

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