SPRI® 9" Xercise Band™


  • Whether your just a beginner or a trained athlete, these SPRI® 9" Xercise Bands are designed for any fitness level. With a variety of widths, each band gives more and more resistance as you move up each level. Help strengthen and tone muscles in your lower-body with these resistance training tools. These bands come in a variety of widths for customization for your workout routines. Available in 6 color-coded resistances ranging from beginner to athlete. Sold individually. Includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

    SPRI® 9" Xercise Band Features:

    • For the beginner or the trained athlete
    • Available in a variety of lengths and widths
    • Customize your lower-body workout exercises
    • 9" long band
    • Available in 6 color-coded resistances
    • Downloadable exercise guide
  • 9" long band

    Available in 6 color-coded resistances:

    Resistance Level Size Color
     Very Light  Beginner  9" x 3/8"  Yellow
     Light  Average  9" x 5/8"  Green
     Medium  Above Average  9" x 3/4"  Red
     Heavy  Intense  9" x 1"  Blue
     Ultra Heavy  Athlete  9" x 1.5"  Orange
     Super Heavy  Athlete  9" x 2"  Purple

    Sold individually 

  • 9" Xercise Band Exercise Guide


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