Total Body Resistance Tube & Band Kit


Get a total body workout with this Resistance Tube & Band Kit - a $44.94 value! Perform any functional-resistance pulley exercises with the interchangeable tubing system that easily attaches to the open-close tubing clip to a variety of accessories for a complete head-to-toe strength-building solution. The five levels of resistance are ideal for any training level and allow you to work your way up. 

The kit also includes 3 mini bands in light, medium, and heavy resistances. Ideal for resistance training for floor-based lower-body conditioning workouts, each band is extremely flexible for standing movement drills and activities. The bands secure comfortably around the ankles, calves, knees or thighs to strength and tone legs, hips and glutes, or are great for therapeutic exercises after injuries.

Kit Includes:

  • 5 color-coded clip in resistance cords, ranging from very light to ultra heavy resistance levels
  • 3 color-coded mini bands in light, medium, and heavy resistances
  • 2 resistance cord handles
  • 1 ankle strap
  • 1 door attachment
  • 1 storage bag

Mini Band Measurements: Flat loop band, 9" long by 2" wide.


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