Xerball® (Medicine Ball) 5 Ball Set with Rack


This set includes four Xerball Medicine Balls (4,6,8 & 10lbs.) one 12lb. Dual Grip Xerball along with a storage rack to help keep your Xerballs organized in your workout area.

Xerball® Medicine Ball:

  • Material: 80% rubber, 20% PVC plastic
  • Feel: Dimpled, basketball-like grooved and textured outer surface
  • Product Use: Perfect for traditional handheld, throwing, bouncing and light rebounding
  • Responsiveness: Moderate bounce

Dual Grip Xerball®:

  • Material: Synthetic Rubber PVC
  • Feel: Firm response, with sturdy-grip handles and comfortable hand texture
  • Product Use: Optimal for moderate velocity, non-release medball moves and supported bodyweight exercises
  • Responsiveness: No bounce

Xerball® 5-Ball Rack:

  • 48"H x 12"W x 12"D

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