From the protective coverings, welds, and stitching to the handles, grips, and end caps, SPRI selects only the highest-quality materials for all weighted resistance products. This ensures that they will be better equipped to resist chipping, cracking, denting, tearing, and deforming during use, while still providing optimal feel, form, fit, and responsiveness.

For maximum safety, security, and performance, the choice of weighted resistance product depends on the size of the training area, the proximity of other exercisers, the type of floor surface, and whether the product is meant to be moved slowly or quickly within the training space. Weighted resistance products must also align with the participant’s body size, exercise capabilities, and training protocols.

Weighted Resistance Training

Medicine Balls see all

Dynamax® Medicine Ball

$79.98 - $139.98

Dual Grip Xerball®

$48.98 - $94.98

Slam Balls see all

SPRI® Slam Balls

$49.98 - $79.98

Sand Balls & Sand Bags see all


$29.98 - $84.98

Performance Bags

$59.99 - $79.99

Kettlebells & Kettleballs see all

Premium Kettlebells

$59.99 - $139.99

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Dumbbells see all

Deluxe Rubber Dumbbells - Pair of Weights 3-25 lb.

$16.98 - $102.98

Deluxe Rubber Dumbbells - Single Weights 30-50 lb.

$62.49 - $101.99

Resistance Weights see all

Ankle Weights


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Oversized MedBall Rack


Premium Weight Rack

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