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Stroops: Powerful Resistance Solutions - SPRI

The science behind resistance solutions is simple. When you repeatedly perform resistance training, your body works to overcome that resistance, resulting in stronger muscles. However, it's not all about building huge muscles. Strength training via resistance solutions gives you many benefits. 

Benefits of Resistance Solutions

  • Improved joint function.
  • Greater muscle, tendon and ligament strength.
  • Effective weight management.
  • Better mobility and balance.
  • Greater stamina.

Resistance training has even been shown to prevent and control pain, and chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain and obesity. Resistance tools are portable, inexpensive and diverse, offering an effective workout supplement for every fitness level.

Select What Works Best for You

From resistance cords and bands to elastic ropes and an array of resistance accessories, choices are endless. Find what resistance equipment works best for you. SPRI stocks a wide variety of the best solutions. Here are our six favorites.

  • Resistance cords and bands are safe and durable. For example, the Stroops Cord and Handle Clip is an all-in-one design that provides quick set up and resistances that range from very light to very heavy. 
  • Add even more versatility with resistance connections and accessories. SPRI stocks clip resistance bands, contoured handles, foot straps, swivel belts, Fit-Stick pro bar, and resistance cord and handle clips. 
  • Choose from our three elastic battle ropes, Son of the Beast, Sleeved Heavy Rope and Beast Battle Rope. Each come with varying resistance capabilities to fit your needs. 
  • Conquer agility training with our mini hurdles, agility dots and roll out ladder. Our mini hurdles come in a whiteboard design, ideal for your fitness notes. Each come with practical features that increase durability. 
  • Browse our selection of anchors and bases to keep your workouts safe and convenient. The portable base provides eight anchor points, and the Stroops Spine can give you 13. Go even more lightweight with the Stroops Door Spine Strap, an anchoring solution offering seven rings that secure to standard doors. We also carry Stroops Revolution Fitness Anchor, Connectus Fitness Station and Stroops Mini Spine. 
  • Get the most out of your performance and cardio workout with resistance solutions. Add resistance to your running exercises with the Stroops Sheet Sled. Use the Predator Sled as a plyo box or an anchor, or invest in a premium fitness ecosystem with Stroops Performance Station. 

Browse SPRI's vast selection of Stroop power resistance cords to purchase yours today.