Make Your Vacation Work for You

March 06, 2017

Make Your Vacation Work for You

Author: Arielle Paris

Vacations are fun, relaxing, and enjoyable, but often, fitness goes by the wayside. This holiday season, make your health a priority by keeping fit no matter where you find yourself. Here are five easy to implement tips that can make your vacation work for you.

1. Start Early

Travel can be hectic – to say the least. So before you start flying, driving, or cooking, think fitness and get your workout out of the way first. Most hotels have a fitness center that you can take advantage of for a quick sweat as soon as you wake up. Not only can you burn off calories that seem impossible to avoid while traveling, but you can also feel accomplished. There is nothing better than checking fitness off your to-do list before most of your friends and family have even opened their eyes.

2. Plan a Fitness Event

Staying fit on the road is easy if you make it a part of your plan. There are plenty of races, walks, and fun runs that happen around the holidays or at your vacation destination, any time of year. Whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, planning for a fun 5K can be a perfect way to relax, keep fit, and make time for bonding.

3. Be Prepared

There is no easier way to get off your training regimen than by being unprepared. You’re packing your socks, choosing your outfits, and making sure you have all the entertainment you need for the flight – why not put the same amount of thought into your health plans? Add a few easy to travel with items in your suitcase and you’ll be ready to stay fit no matter where you roam. Mix and match some of our favorite items to take your indoor workouts to the next level this vacation:

    • Braided Lateral Resistor
    • Braided Xertube Trainer
    • Premium Door Anchor
    • Kettleball
    • Speed Jump Rope

4. Find New Fitness Routines

Make sure you’re using your down time to your advantage. While on a long flight, lounging poolside, or simply relaxing before dinner, you can check out fitness magazines and articles. Save important fitness tips, download workout videos you want to try, or simply expand your knowledge base. You’ll have a plethora of new ideas to try on vacation or when you get back home. Either way, you’re using your trip to further your health goals.

5. Make it Quick!

Long travel hours means limited time for fitness. Instead of giving up on your health, simply make your workouts snappy. Try an express session – you can pump up the volume to make sure you get your money’s worth. Try taking a ten minute jog and following it with push-ups, crunches, triceps dips, and squats. Finish the round out with three yoga poses – try downward dog, triangle pose, and a full forward bend. If that doesn’t feel like it’s enough, do the entire round again for double the fun.

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