Weighted Resistance 

Many weighted resistance products—like medicine balls and dumbbells—seem to be very simple in design, but don’t be fooled. Because this type of training gear needs to be tossed, swung, thrown, bounced, and slammed around in order to be utilized effectively, these products are typically the ones that get beat up the most during use. Therefore, they require strict attention to detail during SPRI’s crucial design phase.

From the protective coverings, welds, and stitching to the handles, grips, and end caps, SPRI selects only the highest-quality materials for all weighted training gear. This ensures that they will be better equipped to resist chipping, cracking, denting, tearing, and deforming during use, while still providing optimal feel, form, fit, and responsiveness.

For maximum safety, security, and performance, the choice of weighted resistance product depends on the size of the training area, the proximity of other exercisers, the type of floor surface, and whether the product is meant to be moved slowly or quickly within the training space. Weighted resistance products must also align with the participant’s body size, exercise capabilities, and training protocols.

When choosing suitable weighted training gear for health and rehabilitation needs, pay attention to whether the product is easy to grip. Those that are designed to conform to the hand, or are comfortable to the touch, are the best weight resistance training products following an injury. If your goals are fitness and performance, you’ll want weighted training gear that can be confidently and correctly handed off, tossed, or swung around.

SPRI’s most popular weighted resistance training products include: Medicine Balls—When choosing the right medicine ball for the job, it’s important to consider how different sizes, textures, weights, and special features can affect the ball’s performance in order to meet your training goals. Medicine balls with no dedicated handle require a higher-level grip strength than those with handles. How hard or soft the ball is also affects how challenging it is to hold onto the ball when it’s tossed or caught, and when muscle fatigue sets in. SPRI’s Xerball® Medicine Ball, Dual Grip Xerball®, and Soft Mini Xerball® all come in a range of weights so that you can begin your training slowly if necessary and work your way up to more challenging activities.

Kettlebells—SPRI’s Kettlebells and Kettleballs are sleek, updated versions of the weighted resistance tools used centuries ago by ancient Romans and Greeks. These products are suitable for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users, since you can switch sizes and weights as training progresses.

Dumbbells, Barbells, and Fitbags—Traditional weight training gear is perfect for total-body strength conditioning, circuit training, and boot camp–style classes. As with all weighted resistance training, users add more weight as muscles are developed.