Stability & Balance

Static balance and dynamic stabilization are the very foundation upon which exercisers can safely and efficiently get the most out of all types and levels of training. Stability and balance training are extremely important in the fitness arena because they help set the stage for all other progressive forms of physical conditioning. These types of exercises help prime the nervous system, re-educate the muscles, condition the joints, activate core muscles, and enhance the user’s overall awareness of body alignment and posture. They also help add balance challenges to more traditional exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, and pushups, and they serve as good active-rest training station activities.

Stability, mobility, and quality of movement must be firmly established within the body prior to introducing it to strength training. Balance and stabilization training should also be performed for at least 5-10 minutes prior to all workouts, to place the body and mind in the appropriate state of readiness; it’s a nice, easy, non-intimidating point of entry.

SPRI offers a number of balance and stability products that may easily be taken into the weight room to be used between bouts of strength and conditioning exercises and are also portable enough to be used at home—such as balance pods and balance boards, wobble boards, balance beams, and balance pads.

Balance pods and balance domes help improve dynamic balance, body awareness, and coordination. Both are flat on one side and rounded on the other; this offers two levels of instability. Balance pads and beams are great for balance, mobility, standing stability, and motor-skill training.

Balance boards and wobble boards (also called rocker boards) require the user to improve their side-to-side or circular balance skills, and many of these products let you adjust the level of difficulty.

The Step360 is one of SPRI’s most popular balance products. It features two independently inflated air chambers beneath the flat, stable platform. Adjusting the air in the chambers modifies the height of the platform and varies the degree of rotational oscillation.

Stability and balance training exercises and activities can easily be modified to meet the needs of all exercisers, from beginners to advanced.