Flexibility & Mobility

Successful physical activity and exercise are dependent upon the body’s ability to endure the positive stress of exercise, recuperate after training sessions, and adapt well over time. SPRI offers a number of solutions to managing that stress, to include a variety of foam cylinders. Post-exercise, most everyone experiences tightness, tension, imbalances, asymmetries, and weaknesses that need to be addressed as a means of preventing injuries and encouraging healthy recovery and muscle regeneration.

SPRI’s flexibility and mobility equipment is engineered to complement the many techniques currently being taught and administered by health and fitness training professionals addressing muscle recovery methods. With the right tools and right instruction, post-workout muscle therapy can help prevent injury and improve strength and flexibility.

SPRI has foam cylinders, rollers, and exercise mats to get you on your way toward a more effective post-workout recovery. Since the tools are lightweight and portable, exercises can be done just about anywhere – home, the gym floor, in the personal-training area, on the massage table, and even outdoors.

To relieve and release muscle tension in well-worked muscles, SPRI offers high density foam rollers, hard surface rollers made of PVC pipe for deep muscle rolling, and a multi-ball roller called the Triple-Zone with a firm core and slightly softer exterior. Each one of these rollers was designed to loosen tight knotted muscles. With a variety of applications, each can be used for upper and lower body muscle therapy, and include an exercise guide to help you get the most benefit from these great products.

To provide you comfort while conducting your flexibility and mobility exercises, make sure you have the right exercise mat. SPRI has a number of different mats that come in varying thicknesses to accommodate everything from Pilates and yoga workouts to simple stretching exercises.

In addition to our foam cylinders, SPRI’s straps, strands, therapy balls, hand held rollers, and other flexibility and mobility centered equipment are ready to help you recover quicker, build strength, lengthen muscles, and improve flexibility.