What are Battle Training Ropes and How are They Used?

Want to Shake up Your Workout Routine With Exercise Ropes?

Battle ropes are an old-school tool that have joined mainstream fitness in recent years. They offer a full-body workout, as well as a cardio challenge. Battle ropes are supersized, weighted exercise ropes that create resistance. Typically, they are anchored to a wall, beam or pole. They can vary in weight, length and thickness, depending on the level of resistance you want.

What Exersices Can I Do?

Battle ropes offer versatility to your workout routine. These simple tools can be used in numerous different ways, including these top six exercises.

  • Double Wave: This basic move involves holding one end of a battle rope in each hand, palms facing. With your knees slightly bent and your core engaged, move both arms up and down rapidly at the same time, creating a wave motion.
  • Alternating Wave: This exercise is similar to the double wave except you alternate moving your arms up and down to shoulder level.
  • Snakes on the Floor: Work those shoulders. Start by facing the anchor with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Hold the exercise ropes at your side while you lower into a squat. Pull your arms wide, keeping them parallel with the floor. Move your arms together and back out, but don't cross hands.
  • Shoulder Press: Shoulder presses aren't just for dumbbell workouts. Get the same results by holding the ropes on your shoulders. Press them upward as you straighten your arms, then return to the start position. Repeat
  • Power Slam: Perform this challenging move by standing hip-width apart, grasping the end of a rope in each hand. Extend your arms overhead, then forcefully slam the exercise ropes to the ground, lowering into a high squat.
  • Alternating Wave Lunge Jump: This explosive movement combines several different exercises. Start with an alternating wave. Then, step back with your right leg into a reverse lunge. Jump to switch legs, landing with your left leg back.

What are the Benefits of Exercise Ropes?

Why are battle rope exercises so effective? As you wave, slam and whip these heavy ropes, you're creating unique angles that basic weight training simply can't mimic. These unique movements strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, legs and your entire core. Best of all, battle rope workouts do not strain your body like other high-impact activities. Get total body conditioning with very low risk, improve your endurance, and get a strength training and cardio session all in one.

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