Athletic Performance Workout Equipment

What Is Athletic Performance Training?

Athletic performance training is a specialized form of preparation in which an athlete conditions both their mind and body to the rigors of a particular sport through specific strength training exercises and workout programs.

The ultimate goal of athletic performance training is to enhance physical function at a critical moment, such as during a competition or a sports match. This differs from personal training in that the aim of athletic performance training is specialized (rather than geared toward general fitness), and it is all about performance results as opposed to aesthetic ones.

With a broad range of performance workouts and weights at their disposal, each athlete can create a specialized workout plan focusing on the areas of the body they most want to strengthen in order to improve their performance.

By taking a scientifically-backed approach to their training which combines such methods as HIIT, resistance, agility, core, and strength training programs, athletes ensure that they are doing everything possible to condition themselves—both physically and mentally—to perform at the highest possible level when the time comes.

Exercise Equipment and Workouts to Improve Your Athletic Performance

There are certain staples of athletic performance training that every athlete should have in their arsenal for the simple fact that they are highly effective. These are tried and true tools of the trade that will take performance to an entirely new level when adopted properly.

  • Jump Ropes: A good jump rope is an invaluable tool in athletic performance training. Jumping rope strengthens muscles and tendons that are often overlooked (helping to prevent injuries), improves an athlete’s footwork and coordination, and boosts cardio conditioning.
  • Roll Out Ladder: An agility ladder sharpens an athlete’s mind as much as their body. An athlete can get their heart beating faster and enhance their coordination as they make careful, quick passes through the ladder, greatly improving their footwork all the while.
  • Training Ropes: Perfect for improving muscular imbalances and sharpening an athlete’s bilateral movements, training ropes allow a wide range of motion that builds muscle while also boosting cardio performance.
  • Slide Board: A dynamic piece of equipment that makes it easy to perform HIIT movements, a slide board allows athletes to complete sweeping movements even when they’re short on space.
  • Push Up Bars: Push-ups are an excellent workout on their own, but they are made far more effective with the help of push up bars, which enhance their range of motion and also make them safer for athletes.
  • Plyoboxes: For athletes who are looking to improve their abilities with explosive movements like jumps, plyoboxes simply can’t be beat, and they come with the added benefit of presenting a number of bodyweight exercise options, too.
  • If an athlete wants to improve their practical abilities outside of a gym setting, then an agility kit allows them to foray into the natural world and hone their speed, coordination, and strength easily.

At SPRI, we understand how much work goes into completing athletic performance training, and we’re here to help—browse our downloadable workout guides, or shop our athletic performance training and workout equipment today!