Balance Domes

SPRI offers a wide variety of balance domes and similar stability-training workout tools that can easily be used in the gym or at home in conjunction with strength-training workouts. Balance and stability training are essential for helping to get the most out of other types of workouts, and they can be done safely and efficiently. Exercises that work on balance and stability help prime the nervous system, re-educate the muscles, condition the joints, activate and strengthen core muscles, and improve the user’s awareness of overall body alignment and posture. They can be used to add important balance challenges to more traditional exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, and pushups, and they serve as good active-rest training station activities.

SPRI offers a number of balance domes and balance half-balls that can be used between bouts of strength and conditioning exercises. These products assist with dynamic balance, body awareness, and coordination.

Balance domes have one flat side and one rounded side, offering two levels of instability. Balance Pods come in a set of six so the user can set up a conditioning routine that also helps improve quickness and coordination. The Xerdisc™ is an air-filled balance disc that allows the user to inflate or deflate the disc for a customized balance challenge; the highest level of inflation requires the highest level of balance and coordination.

The Step360 is one of SPRI’s most popular balance-dome-type products. The flat, stable platform, large enough for both feet at once, features two separate air chambers that can be independently inflated and adjusted to modify the height of the platform and to vary the degree of rotational oscillation. The durable, non-slip surface can also handle demanding jumping, landing, and bounding activities. The Step360 helps improve core awareness/activation and control of limbs. As with other types of balance domes, it also helps increase quality of movement, body alignment, posture, and muscle stamina while it enhances explosiveness and deceleration, quickness, agility, and change-of-direction capability.