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Rubber Resistance

What are the weights / pounds for each color of SPRI’s tubing products?

  • Yellow +/- 10lbs
  • Green +/- 20lbs
  • Red +/- 30lbs
  • Blue +/- 40lbs
  • Purple +/- 50lbs

What are the lengths of the different Xertube® products?

  • Original Xertubes® range from 44” – 54” depending on the resistance level
  • Braided Xertubes® are all 55” long
  • Braided Xertube® Plus’ are all 70” long

Is the resistance of the Braided Xertube® the same as the resistance of the Original Xertube®?

  • Yellow Braided Xertube® = +/- 12.5 lbs
  • Green Braided Xertube® = +/- 25 lbs
  • Red Braided Xertube® = +/- 37.5 lbs
  • Blue Braided Xertube® = +/- 50 lbs

Are any of SPRI’s rubber resistance products latex free?

    No, all of our rubber resistance products contain latex.

How do I clean my tubes?

    Tubing products should be cleaned using a damp cloth with water and mild soap.

How long should my tubing products last?

    The lifespan of SPRI’s tubing products depends upon the amount of use and proper care. All of SPRI’s products are warrantied for 90 days. SPRI recommends inspecting all tubing products on a regular basis and replacing annually to ensure the best possible performance.

How far can tubing be stretched?

    It is recommended that the tubing be stretched no further than 1.5 times its resting length to minimize breakage and ensure the lifespan of the tubing.

Stability and Balance Training

How do I know what size ball is right for me?

  • 45cm – For heights under 5’
  • 55cm – For heights between 5’ – 5’7”
  • 65cm – For heights between 5’8” – 6’3”
  • 75cm – For heights over 6’3”

How often should I re-inflate my stability ball?

  • 45cm – Max inflation – 16.5” (45cm)
  • 55cm – Max inflation – 21” (55cm)
  • 65cm – Max inflation – 25” (65cm)
  • 75cm – Max inflation – 29” (75cm)

How long should the Stability Ball last?

    The lifespan of SPRI’s stability balls depends upon the amount of use and proper care. All SPRI products are warrantied for 90 days. SPRI recommends inspecting all stability ball products on a regular basis and replacing every 1-2 years to ensure the best possible performance.

Weight Resistance Training

What is the difference between the SPRI® Slam Ball and the SPRI® Dead Weight Slam Balls?

    The SPRI® Slam Ball is designed to bounce when slammed against surfaces, while the SPRI® Dead Weight Slam Ball does not bounce when slammed.

Athletic Conditioning

What is the proper length of jump rope for me?

    The optimal length of the jump rope varies based upon body type. As a rule, if you step on the middle of the rope with both feet hip width apart and extend the rope with handles in hand, the hands should be positioned at approximately chest height.

Flexibility & Mobility

Is the High Density Foam Roller better than the standard white Foam Roller?

    The High Density Foam Roller is designed to be more firm, provide deeper roller pressure, and resist compression more over time than the white Foam Roller.


How do I clean my mats?

    Mats can be cleaned with warm water and/or vinegar, using a damp cloth.

Gift Cards

How Can i redeem my spri gift cards?

    SPRI gift cards that still carry a balance can be reissued to purchase products on GetACTV.com. Please contact customer service online or call us at 1-877-989-6321 for help getting a new card issued.


Where can I view exercises to perform with a particular item?

    SPRI offers a free, downloadable product Exercise Guide with most of our products. You may access these guides on our website while on the product page of the item you are interested in.

Does SPRI charge sales tax on orders?

    We charge sales tax for orders shipping to CA, CO, IL, OH, NJ, NY, MN, NC, WA and WI. This will automatically be added to your order.

Freight Delivery

Freight Truck ( LTL) delivery

    We work with a variety of shipping companies to ensure the delivery of your order at the lowest cost to you! This is why your order was shipped via Freight Truck (LTL) instead of carriers like USPS, FedEx and/or UPS.

What is Freight Truck ( LTL) delivery?

    LTL stands for ’Less-Than-Truckload’ for a domestic shipment of pallets through a freight truck . By consolidating your order on pallet(s) and shipping via this method, we are able to keep your shipping costs low as opposed to billing you for multiple boxes/shipments. Depending on the number of pallets being shipped, more than one shipment may be necessary. LTL Shipments can be delivered to a home or business address.
    As for any shipment, the cost of shipping pallets is based on the weight, number of pallets, distance, and if any other extra services are required for delivery.

When should you expect delivery?

    Orders shipped via Freight Truck (LTL) usually can take up to 14 days for delivery. The freight company should contact you prior to delivery to schedule an appointment. These shipments are generally delivered with the following options; If you require one in particular , please let us know right away:
    • Lift Gate / Curbside Service: The truck used for delivery is equipped with a lowering mechanism called a lift gate to lower the item(s) curbside or equivalent. You will be responsible to move the item(s) from there.

    • Tailgate Delivery: The truck is parked at the nearest/safest location close to the delivery address . The delivery team is then responsible to move the item(s) to the tailgate (back) end of the truck. The customer receiving the product is responsible to unload item(s) from the truck. If this option is chosen and the customer is not able to remove the product(s) off the truck, re-delivery, storage and other service fees may be incurred.

How do I place an order?

    Placing an order is easy. Either make your purchase on SPRI's new home, GetACTV.com, or simply call 1-877-989-6321. to place an order with a member of our customer care team. Please note that orders cannot be modified after they are successfully submitted

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